Career Training and Prospects for Solar Energy Technicians

A greater awareness of the need to protect the environment has led to a growing popularity of solar energy to meet the needs for electricity and heating through the use of the light and heat from the sun. With newer technologies to tap solar energy rapidly coming into use, the need is felt for the professional expertise of qualified and experienced solar energy technicians.

Schools and colleges have come up with courses that can train any person in the field of solar energy where different aspects of solar energy are taught. It has also led to professional bodies being set up that certify the solar energy technicians and even set up standards and help with licensing people to work in this new field of renewable energy. The demand for energy alternatives that are renewable cuts across many sectors, and comes from homeowners, industries, public utilities, transport, and others.


Every solar energy usage is based on photovoltaic cells that are manufactured in many different configurations to meet the particular demand that the cells have to be put to. Solar energy technicians need to be aware of all of these so that they can customize any solar power installation to the demands of the customer. They also need to advise on the right locations for tapping into solar power that will allow for the best efficiency of the working of the solar panels. They will also need to be aware of automation in an installation that allows the panels to track the movement of the sun, so that power is produced to the maximum. In addition, their training must also allow them to decide on the capacities of solar panels and the areas required for the installation to meet the electrical energy needs of the customer.

Many solar panel installations need to be coupled with inverters that will allow the power produced to be converted from direct current to alternating current, as this is the form of energy that is required for most electrical equipment in use. Technicians will also need to be trained for the installation of batteries to store energy when the power is being produced and not being used. They will need to be aware of local utility providers rules for connecting solar power installations to grids to feed them the unused power from solar panels and allow for rebates in electricity used from the grid.

Solar panels that collect heat from the sun can also be required by customers and connected to feed water for boilers or to heat swimming pools, and an experienced solar energy technician should have complete technical knowledge of these devices, their capacities, their installation, and maintenance.

Training for careers as a solar energy technician are also available online and they can easily be availed of by people interested in changing their careers or enhancing their knowledge about this new and greatly in-demand profession. With the authorities in all countries encouraging the use of renewable energy through rebates and grants, a career as a technician in this field can be quite remunerative.

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